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Lifeaxe is now issued with

home fire safety packs for

vulnerable households

Emergency Fire &

Rescue teams test the

Lifeaxe on road traffic

accident simulations

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“Bought this emergency hammer as a

gift to a family member who was

worried if they couldn't get out of a

window in the event of a fire. Ie.

the plastic window frames warping”

“Hopefully, I will never have to use it

but it certainly gives myself and wife

peace of mind it is there in case of an


“I purchased this item as I was

concerned that in the event of a fire

my son could get trapped in his

bedroom and be unable to escape.

I was not completely convinced until

this product arrived. It's well built and the metal points are very sharp and

it's heavy enough to give you the

confidence that if needed it could

literally save your life”

“I have always worried about fire in

my home after knowing someone who

got trapped. This product gives me

peace of mind knowing its there if I

need it”

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Lifeaxe MD, Allan Rhodes realised the need for an effective emergency

window hammer following an

inspection of a fire damaged

basement flat.

“The fire started in the hallway

blocking the exit, a mother and her

young daughter had been trapped

behind locked double glazing in the

main living area. Thick black smoke

had left an outline on the wall where

they had huddled together before

rescue. Both survived, thankfully.

I truly believe they could have

escaped the property had they had

an effective means to break the

double glazing.

There is little doubt in my mind, any

property with lockable windows or

double glazing is a potential fire

hazard. The installation of the

Lifeaxe will I am sure, help prevent

loss of life from entrapment.

I’ve fitted them in my home and so

have my family, I hope you do too”.

Fire can start anywhere, anytime…

Breakout of glazing using the most powerful break glass hammer available

Can be mounted to walls or bulkheads with the holder provided

1000’s of Lifeaxe emergency hammers are already installed worldwide

Are you at risk?

Developed following harrowing reports of deaths and injuries caused by entrapment behind locked windows

Should you be in any doubt about the dangers of fire please view this video clip Escape from fire

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