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Emergency Fire &  Rescue teams test the  Lifeaxe on road traffic  accident simulations Amazon Add To Cart £24.95 + PP Also available “Bought this emergency hammer as a gift to a family member who was worried if they couldn't get out of a window in the event of a fire. Ie. the plastic window frames warping” “Hopefully, I will never have to use it but it certainly gives myself and wife peace of mind it is there in case of an emergency” “I have always worried about fire in my home after knowing someone who got trapped. This product gives me peace of mind knowing its there if I need it” Customer Comments History Bus Coach Hammer Bus Coach Hammer Fire Blanket Coach & Bus Hammers Bus Hammers Car Hammers Seat Belt Cutters LED Night Flares Fire Blankets Warning Triangles Home


Developed following harrowing reports of deaths and injuries caused by entrapment behind locked windows LIFEAXE Should you be in any doubt about the dangers of fire please view this video clip Escape from fire